Extreme Chill is the brainchild of Pan Thorarensen, his father, Óskar Thorarensen and Andri Már Arnlaugsson. It started in 2007 when celebrating the release of a compiled CD, containing the latest and most innovative electronic music at the time. At this evening celebration the brainchild Extreme Chill was born. Following this event Extreme Chill were celebrated regularly twice every month in places like Club 22, Hemmi’s and Valdi and most recently in the legendary icelandic bar Kaffibarinn.

The present organisation of the evenings aims to present to the public Icelandic musicians who devote themselves in some way or other to electronic music. Extreme Chill evenings are held once a month on Wednesdays with Andri Már and Pan performing on alternate evenings, summoning three other musicians with live music. All the evenings have been a glowing success, and set them on the map for the longest running electronic nights in Reykjavik.
Still going strong after 6 years.


In August 2009 Stereo Hypnosis (Pan and Óskar Thorarensen) held a release concert in Hellissandur, a village on the Snæfellsnes peninsula. That is when the idea to locate the music festival at Hellissandur saw the light of day. One year later the electronic music festival Extreme Chill Festival – Undir Jökli , was held over the weekend 6 - 8. August. Around twenty Icelandic musicians performed at the festival along with two international guests Xerses from Norway and Moonlight Sonata from France. The festival got a lot of attention and an audience far above the most optimistic expectations. This impacted the entire electronic music scene in Iceland. In 2011 the festival was held for the second time, this time taking a step further having around 35 artist´s including the sound legend Biosphere from Norway and the swedish Solar Fields, the festival was a huge success and set the them on the map for the biggest electronic/chillout festival ever held in Iceland.

Having artist´s playing outside for the whole saturday was one of the unexpected highlights of the 2011 festival, with people dancing till then sun went down, creating some of the most beautiful moments of that years festival. The atmosphere at the festival is very unique , because it takes place in such amazing environment with the sea on your right hand and the amazing glacier on the left, with like minded people attending all there to experience the beauty of Snæfellsnes and find something that they would never forget at this special surroundings. We felt a great need to integrate this kind of music more into the Icelandic music scene. It is vital to establish this kind of music on the Icelandic music scene and draw more attention to it. Doing so with a major music festival is a convenient way and this is one of the main objectives of the Extreme Chill music festival in Hellissandur to summon like minded people together who share their passion for beautiful music and landscape.

The festival was held for the third time in 2012, it sold out and was obvious that people had been waiting for this since last years festival. With around 400 people attending and 30 artist´s playing that year with the cream of the Icelandic music scene along with foreign like Mixmaster Morris from UK and Kaido Kirmae from Estonia. The festival peaked that year and was once again far above what anybody expected, with beautiful memories and sunshine the whole weekend was made that a very special weekend for everybody.

With this music festival we are trying to create a setting for Icelandic musicians who otherwise would not have the opportunity to make their music heard in such amazing surroundings and venue. The electronic music scene in Iceland has been neglected throughout the years, and we want to change that with this festival.

This will be the fourth time the festival takes place. Wich is growing, evolving, and getting more and more noticed in the international electronic music scene with each year. So we are looking at yet another wonderful weekend coming up 12. - 14. July at Hellissandur.

See you Undir Jökli in July.